Will they become Hal

While that is the fear of some scientists and business leaders, the late Dr. Stephan Hawking being one such individual, it is virtually impossible for inanimate objects to develop themselves into a life form.

AI in space

There is no fear to be had in giving spacecraft certain decision-making capabilities. The artificial intelligence developed for and installed in spacecraft would be like any other artificial intelligence entity.

The bot would be a slave to its programming. Its decision-making capabilities would be highly restricted to the duties outlined in it and those decisions would be limited by the data it could gather.

The concept is valuable as there is a lot of space debris orbiting the earth which would cause significant damage to a spacecraft. That is if the debris hit the spacecraft just right. A quick reaction would be needed to protect cargo and of course any human life on board the spacecraft.

The value of blockchain

The blockchain is a decentralized data gathering system. That decentralization may be needing further scrutiny before adding it to spacecraft. What makes blockchain s valuable is that this system is virtually incorruptible.

Anyone wanting to alter the data or programming would have a significant amount of data to change to override the system.

The other difficulty

The question must be asked, who is in charge when there is a human pilot on board? Who gets to make the final call? In other words, who has the authority to make decisions? Will it be the AI bot on board or the flight commander?

AI bots can make some pretty tough decisions, but they do so without the vital human element. Their decisions will be based on data nor on anything moral or right or wrong. This is the difficulty when this subject is approached when business leaders introduce self-driving cars and trucks.

AI bots have no ability to value life. It also has no ability to think about maneuvers that are unorthodox, that just might save the whole crew and the spacecraft. Their decision making is completely restricted to their programming ns this restriction may not be the best authority to leave valuable human life and cargo.

Some Final Thoughts

Scientists are excited about the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Sometimes they act like blind cheerleaders instead of rational and logical human beings. It is this error that may cause more problems for humans than AI in space will solve.