Arianespace delivered to orbit from Guiana Space Center two communications satellites, Hellas-Sat 3/Inmarsat S EAN and GSAT 17 during VA238 flight – seventh for Arianespace in 2017.

Both satellites were launched from French Guiana on Wednesday and will improve using WIFI service by air travellers from Europe on their way to Africa and Middle East and support local communications services in India.

Hellas-Sat 3/Inmarsat S EAN was designed by Thales Alenia Space under contract  announced in June 2014. Satellite was built on the Spacebus-4000C4 bus. It will serve for two operators: Immarsat when operating in S-band and Ka-band and also in Ku/Ka-Band (44 Ku and 1 Ka transponders) for Hellas-Sat. The satellite mass is 5.9 tons at launch and is powered by two solar arrays and onboard batteries providing 12.3 kW of power. Satellite will operate from GEO orbit from  39° East slot.

GSAT-17 is Indian satellite designed and built by ISRO on I-3K (I-3000) Bus. With 24 C band transponders, additional SAR equipment it will provide support for communication services over India. Satellite weighs 3500 kg and is powered by two solar arrays and onboard batteries (power provided for payload was planned for 6 kW).

Objective of the VA238 was delivering and deploying payload from special adapter at high point of 35785 km x 249 km orbit with an inclination of 3 degrees. Rocket was launched punctually at 21:15 UTC from . At T+2’30” both solid fueled boosters were jettisoned and one minute later payload fairing was correctly separated. At T+9’15” main cryogenic stage was cut off, and after separation it fall to Atlantic Ocean to dropzone placed in Gulf of Guinea near West Coast of Africa. HM7B engine of the upper stage was operating nominally until T+25’10”  when it was cut off on altitude of 1200 km. Three minutes later Hellas-Sat 3/Inmarsat S EAN was deployed from Sylda adapter. After releasing Sylda adapter and after another three minutes at 21:46 UTC GSAT-17 remaining under the  Hellas-Sat 3/Inmarsat S EAN was also deployed. GSAT-17 begun its planned for 15 years mission from sending report on its condition, just as Hella-Sat 3 which also confirmed its good condition.

VA238 was 80th successful flight in the history of Arianespace in a one row over a period of last 14 years.