Arianespace delivered to orbit during VA237 mission two communications satellites from Guiana Space Center.

During sixth flight in 2017 and third with Ariane 5 this year, Arianespace marked its another success and strengthened its image of the Company as one of the most reliable launch service providers in history.

It is second launch delayed and postponed from March and April due the series of strikes in French Guiana. Arianespace again decided to deliver two satellites in single mission stretching payload fairing of Ariane 5 as much as possible. Yesterday payload mass was 10865 kg. ViaSat-2 was installed on the top of the Sylda payload adapter installed over the Eutelsat-172B. Objective for this mission was delivering payload with mass of over 10 t 250 km x 35706 km inclined at 6 degrees.

Ariane 5 ECA was rolled out in the vertical position on May 31, 2017. Fueling process was started yesterday at T-4’38” with launch planned for 23:45 UTC. Chilling engines, testing of subsystems and preparing to launch were finished and pressurizing tanks started at T-7″. Punctually at 23:45 UTC rocket lifted off and begun its planned for 41 minutes mission with pitch and roll maneuver to face towards East. Rocket jettisoned its two solid rocket boosters after first 2’22” of flight on altitude of 70 km.  68 seconds later payload fairing was jettisoned and both satellites were exposed. At T+9’15” main stage was cut off and started falling to Atlantic Ocean to dropzone close to west coast of Africa. Rocket continued flight on altitude of 150km. Upper stage ignited engine for 16 minutes to cut off at T+25′ after reaching altitude of 1300 km. After few maneuvers Viasat-2 was deployed from Sylda adapter at T+30′. Ten minutes later, Eutelsat-172B was released and begun its mission.

Viasat-2 (Boeing) and Eutelsat-172B (Airbus) are communications satellites. Viasat-2 will operate for at least 15 years and provide high speed internet access. Built on the  BSS-702HP platform is equipped with Ka band transponders which will cover with range North and Central America, Caribbean and main routes between Europe and North America. Satellite weighs 6418 kg and is powered by two deployable solar arrays.

Eutelsat-172b built by Airbus is first European commercial satellite with electric propulsion. Built on Eurostar-3000EOR bus it weighs 3551 kg and is equipped with 14 C-band transponders, 36 Ku-band transponders, high throughput Ku-band payload. Satellite will remain on GEO orbit for at least 15 years. Satellite is powered by two deployable solar arrays providing 13 kW of power.