Are you looking for a job? Do you have a keen interest in spacecraft flight direction? If the answer is “yes” then NASA has a job opportunity for you. NASA has published numerous vacancies for the post of flight director. This post is mainly needed for overseeing the human spacecraft activities that are being carried out at NASA’s Control center in Houston. It is a dream for many persons to work for NASA and thereby build up a strong career. It is quite tough actually to book a position in NASA. So you should always try for this job opening if you meet the required criteria. NASA has posted these jobs on the USA jobs portal where you can enter and apply for the jobs.

Job Responsibility

The post of flight director is a highly responsible position. This position involves directing or rather leading a team full of flight controllers. His team will also include experts from the field of research as well as engineering section. A flight director also has the duty of supporting and backing up the personnel around the world and in his team. But the most important job of a flight director involves making crucial decisions which are also very critical in nature. It is his decision which ensures the safety of the astronauts in the space.

According to Brian Kelly, flight directors play a major role in ensuring the success of the different spaceflight missions. He agrees to the fact that the job is full of thrills, excitement and immense responsibility. But he confirms that at the same time the job is highly rewarding and self-satisfying if the job can be done minutely. A flight director will go through the immense experience which will be highly beneficial for his career.

Selection procedures

Those candidates who will be selected will be given the opportunity to direct spaceflight missions among the new dawn of space exploration. This job will also include introducing of commercially designed spacecraft which is mainly made up in America. Not only this, but the person selected will also deal with the Orion mission who will mainly focus on the journey to the moon and other planets.

However, only passion for space will not be sufficient enough to get the job. A candidate must possess the requisite skills or the degrees to get selected. Foremost the candidate should be a US citizen. After that, you should have a minimum of bachelor’s degree in engineering, physical science, mathematics or even computer science will do.