Apollo 13 has shown us how we can convert failure into success. It has shown us how important it is for us to understand the success of different space projects and also how to adapt ourselves to the failure of any particular project.

Experts say that a violent turmoil follows every important achievement. Every rocket that could not be launched successfully and any experiment or test that could be adequately executed as per the scientist’s expectation makes us fell the fact that space is a hard part to be master of. In such a situation if we change our course and try something different, that does not mean that we have succumbed to failure. It says that we are disciplined and courageous enough to move further ahead keeping aside our rejections. Our most astonishing accomplishments are sometimes the result of our initial failure that made us sturdy enough to fight with the odds and make us strong enough. Such challenge might include anything from keeping a promise of landing humans on earth to returning the moonwalker safely to earth. 

We can relate to the situation of Apollo 13 while we are discussing the above points. During the Apollo 13 mission, suddenly an oxygen tank exploded leading to a position where the crew members had to stop the lunar launch and return to the Earth. The condition o0fthe spacecraft forced the crew members to make an urgent repair to the vehicle’s carbon-di-oxide removal system. Even though there was a situation of power loss, limited of cabin heat and a shortage of potable water, the crew was successful in converting a disaster into success just based on sheer willpower.

We have to learn that no matter how much we want to run away from failure and no matter to what extent scientists expect the outcome of any particular experiment if we cannot accept the unexpected results, then we cannot understand science. How can we fight to achieve success if we are not accustomed to the taste of failure? How we can come out of a problem if we don’t know that almost all of the issues have solutions as well. It may so happen that some answers may take some time to come up. Again people need to understand the fact that failure is the pillar of success. Failure should be considered as a source of inspiration rather a feeling of annoyance.