Iridium signed agreement with SpaceX to use refurbished boosters in two following launches covering delivering to orbit in total another twenty Iridium communications satellites.

First flight of refurbished booster for Iidium with Next 31-40 satellites is planned for December 23rd, 2017 at 01:26 UTC from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Second mission covering placing on orbit another ten satellites (Iridium Next 41-50) is planned for 2018, probably for first quarter; second launch will also take place from Vandenberg AFS.

It will be probably second mission with Iridium satellites for Falcon-9 core B1036, as already it delivered second series of Next satellites onĀ 25 June 2017.

According to Iridium insurers have not increased premiums for mission with planned utilization of refurbished booster.

It will be fourth and probably fifth time when SpaceX will use refurbished booster during commercial mission.