According to a recent survey by the Pew Centre survey, many American citizens has expressed confidence on private space companies, that they will make a valuable contribution in the development of safe and reliable spacecraft or may be conducting researches in increasing space knowledge.

Private players like the SpaceX, Blue Origin and the Virgin Galactic have become essential elements in space explorations. $6.8 billion has been paid by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to these private companies to develop launch systems via which astronauts could be sent to space as early as the current year. These companies have their goals set for reaching out to the moon and the Mars in future. 

Huge majority to about 81% of Americans have faith that these private space agencies will be able to work out profits from their ventures. Around 44% of the mass have shown their full confidence that these private companies will make gains and about 36% have demonstrated moderate confidence levels. 

With all of these, Americans are also optimistic but cautious that private players would be making contributions that will benefit the states exploration initiatives. In other aspects studies revealed that 77% had shown confidence on these companies in building reliable and safe space crafts, 70% agreed that it would increase and enhance knowledge and more understanding of space and 65% voted on cost control on developing rockets and space crafts. 

There has been scepticism on whether the private companies will be able to minimize human-made debris in space. Where around 48% have shown a fair amount of confidence that these individual players will be able to manage the debris effectively, 51% have shown that they are not much confident. Space debris imposes hazards to orbiting satellites and the space station. President Donald Trump earlier signed an agreement this week more prior to a policy that requires the federal government in updating its potential practices in controlling space debris. 

Although many Americans have shown their faith and confidence in the private companies in all the areas, most still feel that the main role that would be vital in anything is the role of NASA. About two-thirds who voted say that it is very essential that NASA should continue to have its involvement in space explorations – 55%, whereas, one-third says that private companies are good enough to ensure progress that might be made in space explorations even though NASA is not involved – 33%.