Space exploration is a huge job in itself and if it can be done properly it will benefit the nation as a whole. What we consider as “space” is much bigger than simply space. There are a lot more things that needs to be discovered from space. Although currently space exploration has slowed down a bit but eventually people will again concentrate on space exploration. If the technology innovation would have been suppressed till date then only television, nuclear plant and penicillin would have been discovered. President John F. Kennedy has rightly said that the pace at which we are going is simply breathtaking. Thus it would be fair on our part to re-focus ourselves on space exploration. The question should be “when” and not “if” and the answer would be “now”.

Space exploration is very much required for each and every American as it would help them in all spheres of the lie. It would help them financially, technologically as well as culturally. Although it si quite a complex equation to link space exploration with our daily routine life, but such activity does shape up the entire world and environment around us. Technology in the form of GPS, television satellites, internet is all dependent on the space exploration activities. Thus it is one way or the other involved with everybody’s life.

These above solutions are a direct implications of NASA’s hard work and continuous effort to innovate new things. At first NASA comes up with a problem. Thereafter in order to overcome that obstacle, NASA contacts private player in the same segment to develop technologies. NASA provides funding solutions to these companies. Lastly when the companies come up with the innovations, then NASA uses such technologies to solve the problems that they have faced. At the end of it,  the inventing company uses the technology so invented and produces them in masses in order to capture the related market segment.

As far America is concerned is concerned it would be benefited financially in a great extent from such inventions. At the time students at the Georgetown University analyzed 15 companies in the year of 2002, they noted a $1.5 billion total profit for the company as compared to $64 million which the company was awarded on a whole. Similarly it was studied that for every $1 invested with NASA returned $10 back towards the economy. Thus it can be very well said that the innovations and the techniques that the college students use today are much more marketable and affordable at the same time.