According to a former Harvard astrophysicist, named Paul Jaminet, who has turned into an entrepreneur and Shou-Ching Jaminet, his chief scientist believes in testing a significant breakthrough which would treat cancer. Their experiment discovers how endothelial cells line the blood vessels in the body and respond as a tumor-targeting drug. This therapy has experimented on mice and its proven to be very useful for them. This drug targets blood vessels and tumors as well. When the blood vessels connected to the tumor, cancer dies. 

After all these proven experiments, the primary concern is that the drug is safe since it focuses on both the blood vessels and tumors which are supporting them.  The researchers ensure that in this process the healthy blood vessels should not be damaged. As per Jaminet, he wants to cure cancer people through this drug, but don’t want the people to die from cardiovascular diseases by their medication. 

The primary challenge is that the vitro cell culture is not suitable for blood vessels. In fact, to know the function of the blood vessels it’s essential to do Vivo studies on live animals. NASA project page stated that when the space station headed towards the experiment, it performs real in the blood vessels. 

In previous research, it was shown that the endothelial cells never grow well in space. Considering too that, this experiment will undoubtedly discover about the endothelial cells, which produce in microgravity surrounding, and this will also measure that how these cells respond to the treatment of cancer!

Numerous sciences are headed to the space station internationally on SpaceX Dragon, which is a spacecraft. NASA is preparing to target the cargo resupply mission for the drug, and the Dragon spacecraft includes cancer-combating drug Algae, and the researchers want to see how they respond in the space environment. 

This news will give you the latest experiment of the cancer-combating drug, which is yet to discover the endothelial cells —in the space, and how they grow in the space. This experiment will give significant health benefits to entire humankind. The research will take place soon. 

According to Jaminet, the experiment will be treating cancer, and the drugs will treat these cells in space. He wants to see if the drug will act differently in microgravity than the ground, then it will be indeed a fantastic biology.