One of NASA’s astronauts named Kjell Lindgren has a favorable response to the air inside the International Space Station. He traveled the space station in 2015 and was surprised by the atmosphere that he smelled in the station. There are six or many members of the station, and it is a metal box so he assumed the smell wouldn’t be that great. 

The latest video of NASA states that the astronaut was surprised when he was inside the station. His astonishment was due to the significant smell he found inside. Thanks to the superb technology, the air support system of the station resulted in the considerable air. There were no issues that were reported while the astronaut was enjoying his trip. 

According to the statement of NASA, the air system inside the station is supported. This results in right oxygen being produced in the station. The carbon dioxide content is removed from the facility, and the temperature is balanced to a constant level. This process offers a fresh light and water to the crew members working there. 

The technology inside the station not only keeps the astronauts alive, but it also gives an advantage during long journeys in space. It is an advancement particularly of the plans of the station in going to Mars, the red planet. It’s termed as a bridge builder in the journey towards the planet Mars. 

 The development of the air system found in the station is considered a test run for the future travelers that would be made in space. Here, people would see that there is a development in technology that proves to be beneficial in these space flights. 

Scientists at NASA plan to make a test demonstration of the recycling of the wastes inside the station. The team of experts aims to recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen. The recycled scraps not only refer to oxygen but also to fresh water brought to the astronauts and crew members. 

 In the meantime, the support system recycles wastes about to 50%, but in the future, the NASA experts are expecting to reach the percentage of 75%. The more recycled scraps, the more success in the future journeys would be made. 

Today, the missions of the space station are focused on the transport of new supplies to the astronauts. However, the more recycled wastes tend to bring advantage in future journeys. It is yet to be seen in the years to come.