The founder and a lead designer Elon Musk of SpaceX which was founded in 2002 with the purpose of reduction in the cost of space transportation have also expressed his vision for colonisation of Mars. Elon has big news regarding SpaceX. According to the review generated by Kennedy Space Center, SpaceX will soon carry a newer facility expansion at the spaceport (site with the capacity to launch spacecraft into earth’s orbit).

Few things those will be implemented during the expansion period at KSC are;

-Taller Tower for controlling operations: 

The real world sometimes has something in common with the fantasy world, like the tall tower from Jetsons; the SpaceX will be having a 32,000 square feet tower with the height of 300 feet. It is sphere in shape with the small section having the windows for looking through the launch pads as per artist’s plans. The tower will include engineering room, firing room, the control centre for Falcon 9(2-stage-to-orbit lift launching vehicle), Falcon heavy and dragon vehicles, customer control centre, car parking with the capacity of 200 cars at one time, meeting spaces, etc.

-A newer and bigger rocket hanger:

The proposed plan says that the rocket nose cones and boosters will be preserved and renovated along 133,000 square feet hanger. SpaceX desires to have 63 landings a year of Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy boosters, due to which it’s launching rate will increase with efficient reuse of its rockets. For processing of rocket capsules, Area59 will be the new facility and company controls Launch Complex 40, WO landing pads. The overall operations area will be having launch and landing control centres and hangers.

-A new Rocket garden: 

The plan also includes a new rocket garden which will be filled with historic space vehicles. The method resembles programs held at Kennedy Space Center for NASA’s Mercury, Apollo and Gemini rockets at Visitor’s complex. The garden 2.0 will probably have Falcon boosters and Dragon capsules.

At the Space Coast, the biggest attraction will be the shuttle launch experience ride, US astronaut hall of fame and last but not the least the space shuttle Atlantis exhibit. The area will be surrounded in 67 acres of uncultivated land, west of State Road 3, which is located near visitor’s complex. Employees and visitors can take tour buses within the complex 39 area. The proper estimation of the time and cost which is going to be required for the building of SpaceX facilities is not yet disclosed in KSC’s environmental review.