We are used to spending our vacations either at the beach under swimming and basking under the sun, traveling to other cities visiting different attractive sceneries, or touring and the famous hotel around to testing their cruises. All this is just a normal way to enjoy ourselves whenever we have time away from our busy schedules.

What about having an extraordinary vacation like spending time in a luxurious space hotel? Imagine having all the resources that you thought can only be found on the earth up there, amenities like Wifi available at our disposal.

This will be a dream coming to reality soon as Orion Span company is trying to make it possible. Space tourist is ongoing plans by this company. This project is set to begin in 2022. Guests will be accommodated and will be able to tour around the space enjoying a unique inside a lavish space hotel.

Orion Span revealed their intentions to start the first ever affordable magnificent space hotel. This idea was brought to light by the founder of the company Frank Banger. He disclosed that the space hotel, which is called Aurora Station, is set to make a holiday more interesting.

Banger says that Aurora Station will be the size of a large private jet’s cabin. It will have the height of 320 above the water. Aurora station will be able to host four guests and two crew members who would possibly be former astronauts as they are aware of the happenings in the space.

The luxurious hotel is to host a variety of customers like government space agencies, researchers, and private space tourist. Guest would be able to have a splendid view of the earth and space. Travelers to space will be able to fly freely as they would experience no gravity.

Guests would also have experiments like growing food in while the orbit. Guest will be able to stay in touch with their loved ones through live stream using the station high-speed wireless internet. After their experience in the space, their return to earth they would be greeted with and welcomed back home just like heroes and heroines as it is supposed to be done.

However, before taking a tour of the Aurora Station, the guest would be required to undergo a three months program to prepare them for their stay in the space. They would be granted an Orion Span Certification after the training. it quite clear that the launch is worth it.