At some point in their lives, people while admiring the night starry sky wish if someday they could travel into space. The thought of the feeling weightless does excite the child within us. To be able to go beyond the Earth’s atmosphere and to see the expanse that lies beyond is no longer a dream on a falling star. 

A Houston based US company called Orion Span plans to build a hotel and let people spend a 12-day exciting vacation in the outer space in a fully modular 35-by-14-foot Aurora space station, a first of a kind luxury space hotel. Aurora space station planned to be placed 200 miles above the Earth’s surface will have the capacity to accommodate up to four travelers and two crew members at a time.

For the outer space experience, the enthusiasts would have to spend a tiny amount of $9.5 million which is inclusive of the launching shuttle cost. The reservations are open now and to make a booking on the waitlist, one has to pay a token amount of $80,000. And in case, the fear and worry take better of one’s dreams, the booking amount is entirely refundable.

All the visitors are required to complete the mandatory space training in advance of their journey over the span of three months to become the guests at the world’s (outer world’s) first opulent space hotel,. The training will teach the valued customers the basics of living in the space, and upon its completion, one would receive an Orion Span Astronaut Certification.

The 12-day long vacation will also offer the visitors an opportunity to grow their food. What makes it more exciting is the fact that every 90 minutes the space station completes an orbit; the guests will have the opportunity to see day and night over Earth hundreds of times during their stay.  With Aurora’s fastest wireless internet access in the space, one even can share their magical experience with their family and friends on Earth instantly.

And if the visitors had the most exhilarating experience and are thrilled about have a life in the space, Aurora station would also provide leases on-orbit capacity. The company also plans to offer the Earthlings a chance to “Own a piece of Space” by building Orbital Space Condos.

If everything goes right then from 2021 onwards, people can fulfill their long cherished dream of spending nights in the starry sky (literally).