Experts warn that intense heatwaves such as Greece’s deadly wildfires are set to become frequent across the globe due to the change of climate. Does the current heat wave exceptional? High temperature across the Northern Hemisphere has been recorded in recent weeks from Norway to Japan.  There are 82 people have been killed in the summer in Greece by the country’s worst ever-wild fires. 

In Northern Europe the present heatwave is genuine and the prediction of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) about the temperatures will continue to beat the seasonal average from Ireland to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries until August. This has been the hottest July after 250 years in Sweden. While California has recorded 48.9 C temperature in Chino, dozens of people died in Japan that is called an unprecedented heatwave. Anders Levermann, a professor at the Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research said that they have heatwaves in one part of the planet. 

Is climate change to blame? French climate expert Jean Jouzel told AFP that each event of the individual is very difficult to attribute directly to human activity. According to Elena Manaenkova, deputy secretary-general of the WMO the temperatures of recent weeks are consistent with what they expect as a result of climate change, it is caused by greenhouse emissions.

The American Meteorological Society has published a study in the bulletin that the global warming society is responsible for global temperature recorded in the year 2016 and the heatwave in Asia. Levermann said that when the last three years have been the hottest temperature recorded on earth, the most essential question is will the carbon emissions reduce? 

The World Weather Attribution project researchers the climate change about the current heatwave in Northern Europe more than twice. This was a parliamentary analysis, published before the end of a heatwave. In 2012 a UN panel of experts, report that it models forecast maximizing episodes of extreme weather in the upcoming decades. 

The world manages to limit temperature maximizes to two degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level in the year 2015, that is experts predicted about heatwaves, drought, floods, and hurricanes.  Last year a study published in the Nature challenge journal warned about the Paris limits and half of the population will be vulnerable by the heatwaves in the year 2100 compared about 30 percent today. Meanwhile, motorists warned about the heatwave as well.