A robot, which is new, creepy, crawly search and rescue, developed at Ben-Gurion

There is a latest maneuverable discover about a rescue robot that can crawl, climb and creep over harsh terrain and specified spaces that has been developed by the researchers of Gurion University of the Negev (BGU). 

The latest Rising Sprawl-Tuned Autonomous Robot (RSTAR) uses adjustable sprawling wheel legs. These legs are attached to a body that can independently move and reposition on its own to run on flat surfaces, climb over considerable obstacles and can crawl through a narrow and tunnel and narrow gaps.

Video provided by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

On May 21-25, the first BGU robot was introduced at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2018) in Brisbane, Australia. Dr. David Zarrouk, a lecturer in BGU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, and head of the Bio-Inspired and Medical Robotics Lab said that The RSTAR is vital for rescue and search operations in unconstructed surroundings, such as flooded areas and collapsed buildings. It must adopt some successive obstacles to achieve the target.

BGU student and Dr. Zarrouk and robotics lab worker LiranYehezkel designed RSTAR to function reliably and, change shape and overcome common obstacles without any external mechanical intervention. Its consumption and speed can make the robot more useful in a wide range of applications; this may need long work time. 

The robot uses wheels and travels more than three feet per second on the surface that is hard and switches to wheels on granular or soft surfaces such as sand, mud. It crawls and climbs horizontally by pressing it wheels to walls except touching the floor. 

The BGU group is working on a larger STAR robot version that will get rid of more significant obstacles, including stairs, and carry more than four pounds of sensors and supplies. A smaller RSTAR or STAR will be on the more massive robot to use in essential reach areas and sneak in between narrow passages. Creep, crawl and climb the narrow passages. 

The new sprawl automatic robot attached to the sprawling wheel legs body and it can run smoothly on any surface without any hassles. It can run through narrow pipes, tunnels, and other terrain surfaces. This is introduced in an international conference; this is very useful, and significant discovery. The innovative robot, which is called BGU, is an excellent discovery and it ensures to give fruitful results and options.