What could be a more memorable star party for any skywatcher, than the one where the presence of an experienced astronomer traced out constellations and tells stories behind all of it?  More interestingly, he or she identifies the bright stars and planets, shows viewers how they could pronounce some of the most exotic sounding names and explain all the science behind. Now, with the benefit of Mobile Astronomy, download a free astronomy app on your smartphone device and get a personal astronomer right in your pocket. In this way you have the assistance of a virtual expert every time, you are out under the sky. 

The app – SkySafari for quite long now has been the favorite for serious astronomy enthusiasts for its accuracy in representation in the sky and also for its extensive catalogs that features numerous celestial objects with critical and in-depth information. SkySafari 5 and SkaySafari 6 for Android and iOS respectively have been made free for download of the basic versions, along with specific features which were previously available only with the advanced versions of Plus and Pro have been made possible with the basic iOS version through in-app purchases and are inexpensive too.  

A package of extras, also called as the ‘Cosmo Collection’ is featured in the free iOS version with an inexpensive $3.99 in-app purchase. The Cosmos Collection also have added audio tours of numerous objects with appropriate audio pronunciations. The Orbit Mode feature, lets you travel to stars, moon, and other planets. The Galaxy View feature lets you enjoy a 3D visualization of the position of stars and other deep sky objects of the Milky Way. Let’s find out the key features of the app that lets you catty a personal astronomer in your pocket.

    The Personal Tour Guide: for more than 400 celestial objects, the Cosmos Collection gives you a thorough audio tour, a total of 4 hours. Different object information is provided. The tour of the planet features exciting facts and stories on their internal build-up, weather, and atmosphere. 

    Pronunciation 101: the benefit of having a personal astronomer with you is that they can let you how to speak the names of the constellations and unfamiliar stars correctly.

    Where in the galaxy is that – Galaxy View –  another feature added to the basic version, previously available only in Plus and Pro versions allows the personal astronomer to show you where is each object located in respect to our galaxy and the sun. 

    Flying beyond Earth: in the Orbit Mode, the app picks you up from Earth and takes you on tour of other planets, stars and the moon and even towards comets and asteroids.