A Military Space Plane known as the Air Force X-37B has passed 200 days in orbit from the latest clandestine mission. The mission which began from September 7, last year was launched from the Kennedy’s Space Center in Florida. 

According to the officials, one of the payload flyings is Embedded Thermal Spreader of the US Air Force Research Laboratory. This testing cargo is one of the testing devices that serve for a longer duration in the space environment. The US Airforce has remained to be a technology demonstrator, according to a professor in the National Security Affairs Department in Rhode Island, Joan Freese. The space plane is said to pursue more vigorously. 

The unpiloted spacecraft will remain to be a reusable craft but most experts believe that the spacecraft will land back on Earth. All prior missions have landed back to Earth at the Air Force base in California. All of the X-37B missions have set its new duration record from the program. The second mission has begun last March 5, 2011, and last until June 16, 2012, and went back to Earth after 468 days of travel in the orbit. 

Another OTV-3 took u nearly 675 days to complete its orbit before it finally came back on October 17, 20114. Another OTV-4 also conducted its orbital experiments for 718 days on orbit. The mission has been extended in space for its OTV program for about 2, 085 days. The Air Force agency managed to send their spacecraft in orbit with the use of its risk-reduction experimentation; it has come up to the development of the more vehicle technologies. 

The X-37B program is consisting of the two reusable vehicles and both of these vehicles are built by Boeing. Looking slowly to the miniature of the NASA’s space shuttle orbiter, the space plane measured 29 feet and 9.6 feet tall and consists of a wingspan of 15 feet. On the orbit done by the spacecraft, it was seen that it significantly has the higher inclination, unlike the previous OTV missions. The final orbit may take the space plane to have a more 60 degree. The Air Force X-37B of the NASA is still on the earth’s orbit.  This vehicle has soared 200 days on its latest mission and has carried out duties. 

These scenarios have been captivating the attention and interest of many individuals today.