During the last webcast of the Falcon 9 launch, there were videos shown from the nine-minute mark. The space agency said that they did not violate any restrictions of the government. According to the space agency, it is so weird that an old decade old law was made again and was enforced. 

SpaceX is considered as one of the most successful private space agencies today. With the success of its Falcon Heavy launching last February, the agency continues to make new histories in making the Falcon Heavy as the most powerful spacecraft of today. Just last month, when the space company was working with their new satellite, the video transmission went black. 

Due to the restrictions made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the SpaceX will now end its live video coverage. According to SpaceX, they are working on the restrictions made by the NOAA in order to bring people again the live coverage of orbit in the future. 

Based on the report written and featured on SpaceNews, the restrictions are related to the 1992 rules of the National and Commercial Space Program Act. The acts require all the private space companies to get their license in order to broadcast videos and images from space. For some several reasons which are not clearly stated, the government agency decided to implement the old rule last March 30. The NOAA also told the SpaceX to complete their license first to conduct live video coverage again. 

The National and Commercial Space Program Act does not only targets the SpaceX but also the other private space agencies to comply with this act and to get their commercial remote sensing license to have the full capacity to take any image and videos from the Earth’s space and orbit. Since most of the companies are using cameras to record their missions, NOAA is now requiring them to comply with their requirements and other conditions. The SpaceX has applied and received their license from the Program and they now have the capability to conduct live video stream from space. The conditions made by the NOAA are for the security and for all the launches that will take place in the near future. 

NOAA needs to deal with the situation and mostly because most of the launches are starting to be common. Today, some still hope that NOA will exempt other space launch providers from their licensing.