Are you planning to spend your vacation seeing the sun rise & set from a more prominent view? Then you should try for the outer space. It’s not a fairy tale anymore. This concept of setting up a hotel in the outer space is conceived by Orian Span, a Houstan based company. The company has set a target of establishing a luxury hotel within 2021. It has further plans to bring in the guests within the following year. By paying a hefty amount adventurers can live the most astonishing moments on their life.

Cost Effective

The company has tried its level best to maintain the cost of this adventurous ride within a considerable amount. This has mainly been possible due to continuous dip in the final prices of the launchers. The company officials said that in order to be competitive in the commercial space market, the company had launched this initiative. This move truly comes as a sigh of relief among the adventure lovers. Although the efforts of other similar organizations are questionable now, the intensity of the competition has increased further. This is a perfect time for these organizations to work at a much higher speed together. As per the new government directives, there would be a restructuring of NASA where private players would also get a chance to play along with the largest energy or space.

Main attraction

Some of the unique benefits that the proposed hotel has on offer involve flying through a zero gravity situation. It would also allow visitors to experiment for the purpose of growing food while you are still in orbit. Not only this, by providing high internet speed, they also provide a chance to enjoy live-video streaming along with friend s and family.

Basic Training

This company will have the facility of providing at least three months of proper training. This training will involve online course, which in turn would help & allow the visitors to learn more about the basic concepts of living in the space. However, a majority of the candidates will be selected based on their desire to cater to the aeronautical and space study.

Prime objective

Orion Span has disclosed its prime objective which mainly refers to bringing in the visitors to this outer space luxurious hotel. It has taken various measures to curb down the training program within a span of three months.

So paying a considerable amount for experiencing this luxury would be worthwhile an activity and Orian Span is trying to squeeze in you the feeling of being an astronaut.