A group of big businesses and wealth guys are looking forward to start seeing the entire Earth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a video camera in space. 

EarthNow, a firm that counts amongst its investors Airbus, SoftBank, Bill Gates and Greg Wyler “ a colorful technology tycoon, declared plans last April 18 to send a huge constellation of state of the art imaging satellite that will give real-time, constant video clip of virtually any part on Earth. According to EarthNow, LLCV, the objective is to give customers the capability to see events unfold on Earth in real time. You can visit the website company to see the list of the far ranging activities the satellite will keep an eye on, which include typhoons and hurricanes, illegal fishing activities, big whales as well as your home. 

These cameras will be attached on satellites developed in the first place for Wyler’s satellite internet company called OneWeb. This was mass produced by renowned company AirBus, this is according to the latest report. 

There is a kind of typical techno-utopian idea behind this activity. According to Russel Hannigan, Chief Executive Officer of EarthNow LLC, “We believe the capability to witness and at the same time know more about our planet. Understand more the place we live in. This also help us see our planet unfiltered that will help everyone living and non-living things better appreciate and eventually care for our one and only home”.

This camera will help find the culprit of Earth destruction like illegal logging, illegal fishing and many others. This can also save life by means of monitoring the movement of the hurricane. These help us track the direction of the hurricane. In general, this is a good way to keep human being safe and sound. 

On the other hand, actual objective of this company is a little bit sensible and practical. According to EarthNow LLC, “we are hoping to sell the live-video as well as smart vision items first to an array of government and private enterprise clients. 

 Huge spenders are, at the very least, will be going to have first crack at seeing Earth within this way.) Though, down the road, the company stated,  they want their video feeds or clips to be accessible right away from a tablet or smartphone or any type of gadgets.