Space exploration was not that exciting during the earlier years. Today, although there are successful space missions and rocket launching, this is not enough to supply the hungry minds of the humanity. The NASA launched Orion just recently, the first spacecraft fully equipped to carry astronauts. NASA continues to develop space shuttle which can rival Saturn V.

Moreover, Europe has landed its space probe on comet 317 miles away; on the other hand China is recently developing their new space station. Meanwhile, there are also some private companies which are building their own names with regards to space exploration just like the spectacular SpaceX headed by Elon Musk. Most of the countries are developing their own rocket and spacecraft to forge their plans for space tourism and even their dream mission on Mars.

In The Year 2020

During the year 2020, it was expected to have a glorious space age and more moon bases stations. There will be more cosmic discoveries and Mars colonies. As expected, there will be plenty of happening in the next coming years. Here are the predictions made by experts in the year 2020.

  • Humans will be back to the Moon

Since the moon is always there at night, people will continue to make a way to experience next trip to the moon since it is just three days away from Earth. China is targeting the moon as the dream place where they are planning to locate their astronauts. The mission to the moon only requires small capability and will only take a short period of time.


  • India and China will be the Major Space Nations

It was predicted by many experts that India and China will be the major space nations. There will be a space race between these two nations. Stealing the space is a natural pride for China and a way to improve their industrial quality.


  • The Prospect of the International Space Station is unclear

The Americans are committed to being at the International Space Station until the year 2024. The only prediction made by experts is that the fact that the partners will still be there during that time. The Russia and US are tied to the International Space Station and it only proves that these countries are mutually dependent on each other.


The future of the space solely depends on the future of the ISS and the partnership of every country. As was predicted, during the year 2020, humanities will see a space station up there owned by China.