Next week, all the fans will have the chance to experience one of the best encounters in their lives. On April 21 to 22, 2018, the astronomy enthusiast, with, will work together to have a participation in the Northeast Astronomy Forum. This event is labeled by its producers as the “ultimate space and astronomy experience.” 

According to the event producer Ed Siemenn, Rocket Astronomy Club had created the NEAF primarily as the outreach project in 1991. Today, it is hosting the amateur and professional conferences, workshops, children’s programs, and classes and it still continues to invite the smart individuals in the world of astronomy, astrophysics, and aerospace to present at the lecture series. 

NEAF will take place during the weekend at the Rockland Community College, which is a part of the New York State University in Suffern. Suffern is a country village in Rockland that can be reached about an hour drive from north of the New York City and approximately less than a four-hour drive from Boston, Texas. 

“There is an exponential growth for NEAF,” Siemenn told the via email letter. “Every year, our organization has the goal for expansion not only in the field of educational outreach but also in various programs for both students and educators. For the things we do, this goal is very important and our dream is to continue with the improvement and expansion in the near future.”

He also added that they are proud to say that they have the project scientists and Nobel laureate John Mather of the James Webb Space Telescope, Mike Leinbach, a former director for the space shuttle launch, Hans Koenigsmann from SpaceX, as well as Tom Mudler, a mission designer from the Boeing CST-100 Starliner. This means that the people who contributed efforts in the space exploration will work together for this ultimate event. 

Northeast Astronomy Forum 2018 will be featuring more than 100 merchants and booths. There will be representatives to come from various companies, including the Celestron, a telescope-maker company, the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, the Lowell Observatory and much more to anticipate, according to the Facebook page of NEAF.

Also, there will be a free telescope giveaway according to the website of the event. The will have their own booth too so all the guests can visit and see them.