How many satellites you think can be launched by one single company? Thirty, fifty or hundred? Well, astonishing it is to know that in Florida, SpaceX is planning to launch four thousand satellites. A cold war between companies who are into commercial space exploration can be felt now and then, though no serious news regarding this is heard as the raging competition speaks a hundred stories. While someone is aspiring to reach Mars and establish colonies, someone else is busy dreaming of staying on the moon, making it a base in space. The work in progress is evident of immense possibilities and endless fruits to reap. 

SpaceX has already made it clear from the very beginning by revolutionizing space industry that the center at Kennedy will not just be a center in Florida but a chamber triggering the activities to proceed at many fold levels. Cape Canaveral will be the world’s busiest private launch center. 

A report published in April, having some seventy-three pages reveals the plan of SpaceX to set up a small constellation of satellites for internet services in particular. 

A total of 4425 satellites will serve as the building blocks of the Starlink project offering global Internet services undisrupted. Two satellites have already been established into the orbit for demonstration purpose. They were launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in February. However, SpaceX did not speak much about the launch or gave replies to the emails sent but has received FCC approval in March to initiate broadband services using satellites. 

Seventy SpaceX employees and one hundred and fifty construction jobs will be brought to the space coast. The vast number of satellites is not going to cause any significant increment in the traffic volume at Kennedy Space Center. However, some components may affect the level of service both on center and off-center. The environmental impact for the same would be studied in Florida before the project will be structured.

For this project, a refurbishing facility for the rocket having an area of about 133,000 square foot will be constructed along with a rocket garden where recovered missiles will be displayed. There would also be a 32,000 square foot control center as well as a utility yard at the station.  Kennedy Space Center will undergo a significant upgrade with this update in the facility. The visitor’s complex or the vehicle assembly building in the west Parkway of the center along the Roberts road will be used to install the facility.