Two NASA astronauts  Randy Bresnik and Joe Acaba are going to perform tomorrow EVA to maintain and service International Space Station.

It will be third EVA on October 2017 after first two focused on replacing LEE latches on Canadarm2 robotic arm. First one was performed on October 5 and second on October 10. Last to be performed in October and scheduled for tomorrow to 12:05 UTC will be ultimate to restore full operationality of Canadarm2. It will be fifth for Randy Bresnik and third for Acaba. Randy Bresnik will lead during this spacewalk.

After leaving ISS from Quest airlock duo will focus on two main tasks and later will proceed with secondary objectives. First they will replace broken fuse in DEXTRE and prepare Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator to following tasks. Joe Acaba will use DEXTRE to reach Camera Port 3 and install high definition camera. Later they will replace Camera and Light Assembly (CLA) on LEE-A for clear view when ROBO controllers are in use. Later astronauts will proceed to resume process of removing Multilayer Insulation Covers from various Orbital Replacement Units. MLI are covering most of ISS and also are covering spare parts attached to the outside of the station in special containers. As recent research showed that containers are well protecting parts and MLI is not necessary, Astronauts will remove them as it cannot be done remotely with utilization of Canadarm2. are not necessary anymore. Removing MLI will allow to open containers and take parts during one Canadarm2 session without involving crew and performing EVA to uncover parts before using them for service.

EVA-46 is planned to finish at in the afternoon on Friday.