Technology had brought us in different dimensions of the Earth and since NASA has assisted a lot of innovations many people are using today, there is no surprise that they can create something that can somehow help us educate and inspire ourselves with their technology.

The super craft travels and journey of NASA to space and space station destinations are really unbelievable. Anyone can wish to see how the things going on that is why there is a new mobile application created by the Jet Propulsion Lab of NASA in California so the mobile users can enjoy the same kind of experience. 

Spacecraft AR is the name of this new mobile app and it uses the latest augmented reality technology in order to put the models in 3D virtual of the NASA’s explorers in the robotic space into an environment with a flat surface. The app can be downloaded and is available in the Google Play Store. The app is using the ARCore technology of Google to bring out a 3D spacecraft into mobile users using the native mobile augmented reality. The first version of the mobile app is working with the Android devices only, which support ARCore, but in the near future, they have the plans to add extra device compatibility, including the iOS devices. 

In order for the users to create a virtual spacecraft experience in space, Spacecraft AR is using similar 3D models that are of high-quality like the ones previously released by the space agency called Spacecraft 3D but has a breakthrough innovative capability. But in the case of the Spacecraft 3D, it can work best on a printed image that is called marker or target whereas Spacecraft AR is working on a flat surface with no target needed or required. 

According to Kevin Hussey, the manager of the visualization team of the space agency, Spacecraft AR is an exciting app that will allow the mobile uses to get personal engagement with the robotic missions of NASA. He also added that they are excited for the people to try the app and they are looking forward to adding more and more spacecraft to it in the near future.

The users can have a chance to choose what kind of mission they want to go. They will not just observe the planets; they can also explore them using this app. They also have the freedom to choose a spacecraft they want to try. There are more to discover so download the app at Google Play now.