In the past week, it was announced that SpaceX is trying to raise in excess of $500 million for the purpose of the new series investment round. Such rising would make the company of Elon Musk more than $23.7 billion Company. In the present day, it has been announced that the company has raised $ 214 million to date, which is less than two weeks post opening of the round. In other, since the company is still lagging behind in raising $286 million. However, the documents that have been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission have revealed the fact those 15 unidentified investors have bought the shares of the company which works out to be $14.3 million per investor on an average. The successful launch of TESS has however helped in raising the stock prices of the company very high.

Further innovative plans

Last year as per the records, SpaceX’s value was pegged at $21 billion after a similar activity of raising funds which fetched $ 350 million. Again in the year of 2015, the valuation was pegged at $12 billion where Fidelity and Alphabet invested around $ 1 billion, which accounts for around 10% of the total stake of the company. According to sources, SpaceX has plans for rapid acceleration and increasing the production of the rockets for a record number. In the previous year, the number of rockets that were launched was 18. In the current year, the company has plans to increase the production and reach 30.

Elon Musk’s company is also ramping up its production of “Space Taxi”. It will be a vehicle which will be carrying the astronauts from the base to the ISS and back as per the NASA instructions. Boeing is also in the race for building up similar Space Taxi for NASA. Apart from this, SpaceX is also ramping up its activities to develop BFR which is Big Falcon Rocket. This rocket has many unique features and is to give a stiff competition to the Boeing’s Launching system.

SpaceX has the plans to launch BFR in short hops during the upcoming year of 2019 and subsequently put the same into the orbit during the year 2020. This activity would be complete before the plans of sending humans to Mars can be executed by 2022.

On the top of everything SpaceX even has plans to finally position 12000 satellites as a part of both the constellations in order to give the service of space-based internet.