Congress approved Jim Bridenstine as the new administrator for NASA later last week. The agency which has operated without a permanent administrator since president Trump took office now has a new administrator.

Jim Bridenstine was sworn in, in a small ceremony on Monday, April 23, 2018. The swearing-in ceremony happened at NASA’s headquarters in Washington.

Jim Bridenstine was the representative for Oklahoma in Congress; he resigned before his swearing-in on Monday. The new NASA administrator was sworn in by Vice President Mike Spence.

During the ceremony, Mike Spence talked about his optimism in NASA’s missions. He said that NASA would lead the way in moon missions as well as Mars missions. The vice president also mentioned that he is confident president Trump made the right choice. He also said that he is convinced that Bridenstine will utilize his experiences which will be evident in his leadership.

He is also hopeful that Bridenstine will implement the new national space policy. This policy when implemented will end the government’s full support of the international space policy by the year 2025.

Bridenstine promised to take NASA to greater heights.

The guests of honor of the occasion included R-Texas, Ted Cruz, and Kellyanne Conway. Bridenstine’s wife and three children also attended the ceremony.

The Vice president and the new NASA administrator spoke with three astronauts from the International Space Station live.

The three astronauts, Scott Tingle, Andrews Feustel, and Ricky Arnold, talked about some of the recent experiments.

Tingle talked about their experiment to find proof of the presence of anti-matter as well as solving the problem of radiation. He revealed that radiation is one of the most significant issues that make space travels a little tedious. He also mentioned that if the space crews will ever succeed in staying in the space for more extended periods, they would have to first overcome the issue of radiation. They can only send people to longer distances in space if they can protect them from the intense radiation.

Feustel also talked about the importance of the science giving scientists the ability to monitor the earth. He mentioned the fact that the earth might change is disastrous ways. It is therefore essential to know what goes on in space before something from space collides with the planet earth.

Arnold also said that the international space station offers the opportunity for people to work together despite their differences. He also noted that the ISS provides an excellent opportunity for them to develop a strong presence in the solar system.

The astronauts also sent their hearty congratulations to the new NASA leader.