Just imagine how it would be if your vegetable salad gets some of it green ingredients from the outer space of earth. Yes! You heard it right. According to the latest news, even thousand miles away from our planet your go-to vegetable, broccoli, can grow and the onus goes to probiotics. 

Well, the idea is not to improve broccoli vegetation on earth instead the new experiments are meant to find out whether space can help to cater food to the space travelers. 

The thing is that you have heard of too many experiments that would take the space science miles ahead but only a few pieces of reports claim that the innovations have made the lives of astronauts under their concern. 

And this news is one of these kinds that affirms space science is not all about rockets and space crafts. 

Another examination will test whether organisms can enable broccoli to develop better in testing conditions in space. 

Space travelers at the International Space Station are investing more energy far from Earth. However, regardless they require their day by day serving of vegetables. In the journey to locate a suitable route for the group to develop their veggies while circling — and potentially one day on the moon or Mars — understudy analysts are sending broccoli seeds covered with a healthy dosage of probiotics to space. 

Six broccoli seeds were on board. Three of the seeds are making a trip to space as may be, while the other three were covered with two distinct types of microbes, created at the University of Washington, that can live inside harvest plants and enhance their development. These “valuable” organisms, likewise called endophytes, may similarly enable plants to develop better in extreme low-gravity situations, and where supplements or water could be deficient.

The most exciting part of the news is the entire experiment would be a venture by the students. 

The objective of the examination, led by the students, is to figure out how to develop vegetables in the testing, microgravity states of the space station — and inevitably on the moon and Mars — as human space investigation grows. Created by a group of eleven students, the underlying ground tests demonstrated effective, as the broccoli became quicker and fundamentally bigger than the control contemplate.

Food is the basic needs of a living being. So even in space, the Astro travelers can’t avoid it. By the way, if you don’t like to have broccoli in your dinner why don’t you try some innovative space veggie!!