Years to come, if things go as planned, space will be about exploring, studying as well as eating. What about the last part? You heard me right. There will be baked durians for astronauts in space. There are packages of the ‘king of fruit’ ready for shipping. That is after the latest initiative by the space research agency of the Thai government. That sounds interesting and that is why I am offering more details in a bit.

In the aim of giving its astronauts an opportunity to enjoy the durians while in space, Thailand has the following in mind. In July, they will ship baked durians to space. It will be for research. It aims to help them understand the food that the country produce that can be ideal for consumption.

The project goes by the name Thai Food to Space. Thanks to the Dr. Ammarin Pimnoo’s revelation yesterday, the matter is in the public domain now. He works for the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTIDA). Yesterday, he showed the people how the packages would look like during packaging. They had the name Thai written all over them. What else would you call the label Elephant Space? Elephants are common in the place.

Which is the team behind this development? It is a combination of two companies. Their names are Signature Marketing Co. Ltd as well as Daily Food Ltd. Regarding the species, they went for the Monthong. That does not come as a surprise because it is the most delicious one that there is in Thailand.

Another member of GISTDA, Napasorn Jongjittanon, talked about the transport. The shipping will be via a rocket. The launcher is a US rocket company but its name is not is still unknown. Another satellite company that will assist in that is Thai’s Mu Space and Advanced Technology. The source of information was Matichon.

The project aims to study the behavior of the durians caused by the change. The researchers will observe whether there is anything that changed over time. That will include small, texture and last but not least the package. Subsequently, they will know the foods that can do well in space.

The project will include another type of food. It is the purple rice often referred to as the riceberry. Until they come back, if they do that is, Thailand will be waiting. It could be a breakthrough.