When a former employee says something about the company, a level of trust joins his words since he has been in the system for quite a tenure and knows the inside stories. Be it a government organization or a privately owned firm, employee’s statement does leave a remarkable impact. Previously, Tesla and Elon Musk were, and now NASA along with SpaceX has taken that position now. However, both were in the limelight for different reasons. 

A former employee of the space agency in Canada has declared that no matter how hard they try, NASA, SpaceX or Blue Origin can never reach the red planet. The employee who gave several years of his life to the organization, and retired in 2013 has given this contradictory statement to a favorite magazine.

The reason behind such a statement is that Chris Hadfield believes that Mars poses an environment so unfavorable to human beings that colonization of Mars is a distant dream. He mentioned that he doesn’t doubt the technology or capability of scientists. But indeed, the climatic conditions pose a safety risk to high to ignore. 

The safety is highly questionable with humans on Mars, Chris told the magazine that. “My guess is we will never go to Mars with the engines that exist on any of those three rockets unless we truly have to. I don’t think those are a practical way to send people to Mars because they’re dangerous and it takes too long.”

Hadfield who has been to space thrice between 1995 and 2013 and has helped in the installation of a mechanical arm outside the International Space Station in 2001 is the first Canadian to spacewalk. Since he has stayed in space, his words of warning are not something to be ignored. During the interview, he also mentioned that “the technology that took us to the moon back when I was just a kid can take us to Mars,” but the liquid fuel rocket is not a safe thing to deploy for such a mission.  “I think we need some more improvements in technology before we cross the oceans that are between Mars and us in any practical way.” He added.

According to Hadfield, the use of ion propulsion, nuclear power, or even the manipulation of gravity might be safer methods to utilize for mastering the art of space survival. Or it is better if instead of humans, robots perform this task.