Getting a job at an organisation as innovation-centric as SpaceX is like a dream come true. We often envy those employees who have the privilege of working in such a competitive workplace. The facilities available, the intellectual set of mentors and learning with every moment you work. Anyone who knows what it means to work at an organisation as SpaceX, NASA or Blue Origin has wondered at least once in their lifetime than what it would be to face an interview with people managing such enormous organisations. 

The questions asked would be something you would not anticipate, but what are the top skills you need to have if you aspire to be an employee of SpaceX? As per a report, Elon Musk looks after four traits in a candidate.

Elon Musk has been quite overwhelming in his approach towards work. Several times he has announced a product or service but failed to complete it within the timeline, for instance, taking the human race to the moon – this project was to be completed by the end of this year, but now the deadline has been extended. The reason behind the delays or completion of a project on time largely depends upon the team you have. An efficient team can ease out your stress, and that’s why Elon is very particular in choosing the right employees. 

The company SpaceX has opened up vacancies on a large scale – just double than the previous year. These five hundred and forty-four posts are open for deserving candidates who can add value to the work. The number one quality you need to have is – an appetite for exploration. The vice president of SpaceX, Brian Bjelde stated in the year 2017 on Glassdoor, a career site that “we’re out there looking for people that want to help us achieve that goal of making humans multi-planetary.” The other three qualities crucial to make an entry into SpaceX are passion, drive, and talent.

During the interview, the team judges you on the parameter of what motivates you to do your best and how do you wish to be challenged. The resume will not be doing the work, so they evaluate the candidate and not the resume. He also asks you about your failures to know how you overcame defeat and overcame it. To keep the company running, there is the need for hiring employees who are better than you and who know what it means to be a team.