Virgin Orbit has a campaign which includes designing and building as well as flying Launcher One which is considered to be its air-launched ticket constructed mainly for small satellites. All these rely on the software which is digitally manufactured. Mostly two things were to be kept in mind, building as well as launching Launcher One who is considered to be a very low-cost tiny satellite launch vehicle. One other thing which is to be kept in mind is building as well as launching a company. All these were stated by the senior enterprise manager of Virgin Orbit named AndrzejGoryca.  

During the small space launch campaign of Virgin Orbit, AndrzejGoryca led a total of 11 persons as a team. This team helped in expanding the manufacturing of Virgin Orbit and supplying various useful engineering operations which in turn helped in reducing the Launcher One’s cost. In addition to this particular campaign, a system from the iBASEt company was taken into account. This particular system is known as the MES or the Manufacturing Execution System. The company iBASEt is located in California and is known to specialize in manufacturing software.  

The MES has made it a lot easier for Virgin Orbit to trace rockets and also create digital threat and it is also said to rely on MES for reducing the paperwork of the company. Determining the rocket components are done through performing tests and launches. The Manufacturing Execution System helps in tracing the trouble of the rockets so that a bunch of people doesn’t have to fly to space to discover it themselves. This helps in reducing the expenses as well.  

Other than this, the company Virgin Orbit is said to be looking forward to expanding the campaign for the promotion of the Launcher One. All this could be done by increasing the Launcher One production as fast as possible. Hense, forming a digital thread is also very important for this company. The Vice President of Virgin Orbit named Steve Eisele is said to state that he wants this company to launch a total of 100 launches of small and tiny satellites and he wants to Virgin Orbit to be the first to do so. Steve is said to state this on March 22 in a Space Tech Expo Panel. 

As stated by the Vice President of the iBASEt company named Conrad Leiva, Virgin Orbit is said to be performing various changes like discovering multiple new technologies and various new tests for Launcher One.