Rocket Lab which is a US spaceflight startup has given new dates for its first commercial rocket launch. This mission is referred to as the “Its Business time” by the company. The company has re-fixed its launching date between June 23rd to July 6th. The rocket will be lifted off from Rocket Lab’s launch pad which is situated in New Zealand. The primary mission for this lift-off will be to carry five small satellites for the customer to the orbit which will initiate a busy year for the launch service provider.

The company had initial plans to execute the mission in the month of April but had to put the same on hold due to some technical issues with the rocket. After leaning the electron on the launch pad and subsequently filling the same with fuel, the scientists observed that one of the significant motors which were mainly responsible for checking the pumps inside the engines was behaving weirdly. The moment the fault was observed, the engineers decided to hold on the lifting off schedule, but it was a tough time for them to find out the primary cause of such problem.

After a few months, the company officials have said that they have found out the technical fault and they have made specific alternations in the design section of the rocket. In the meanwhile, the company has also added some more satellites that it will be flying into space. The additional satellites will include a research satellite made by the students and even a unique satellite that will showcase a pure, reflective sail. The technology has been so figured out to bring back the rocket into the Earth’s atmosphere were easily and at a faster speed.

If successful in launching, this will be the third launch of Rocket Lab. Before this, the company made two successful launches, one in May in the last year and another in January in this year. The first launch could not reach the orbital position due to the communication hazards at the ground level. However, the second launch made it to the orbit and positioned three satellites and t the same time deposited a disco-ball-like sphere which was invented by one of the officials of the company itself. Initially, the company had planned to make a third test flight but later on changed their minds as they thought that they had collected enough data for starting business operations.