A bizarre stellar pair which is close to 7000 light-years from Earth has given scientists a unique opportunity for studying the nature of the gravity. A tremendous strong gravitational force concerning massive neutron star in orbit along with a white dwarf star has put theories of gravity to a challenging position which is more cumbersome than any other theory framed before. It is imperative that once again the “The General Theory of Relativity” which was published in the year of 1915 as framed by Albert Einstein will come up to the top.

At a particular point of time, the theory of Einstein is considered to be invalid by the scientists under extreme conditions. To be precise, General Relativity does not go in the same line as that of the quantum theory. Scientists are pretty keen to find out an alternative for gravity that would reduce such incompatibility.

Scientists have recently discovered pulsar which is a spinning neutron star and is twice the mass of the Sun. It has a white dwarf companion which is completing its orbital journey within two and a half hours. This activity has put gravitational theory in a challenging position. The results obtained from the observation conducted are consistent with the predictions of the General Relativity.

This orbiting pair was discovered by the Green Bank Telescope (GBT), and after that, the same observation was made within in visible light with the help of Apache Point telescope in New Mexico. Also joined in such experiment was the Very Large Telescope in Chile and the William Hershel Telescope within the Canary Islands. Some of the other observations carried on in Germany, and Puerto Rico also provided valuable data regarding the orbiting phase.

The scientists have told that in such a procedure, the orbit decay and the gravitational waves gets removed and subsequently carry energy from the system. It is possible for the astronomers by studying the time of arrival of the pulsar’s radio pulses over an elongated period very minutely, the rate of decay and the quantum of gravitational radiation emitted. The very fact that the immense mass of the neutron star, the white dwarf is compact, and the reduced distance of the companion, make the entire system an excellent opportunity for the astronomers to study the alternative theory of gravity.

The scientists that the different gravitational theories might prove to be more accurate in this system.