Among all other states in the United Kingdom, Glasgow builds the most number of satellites. It is an expert to build CubeSats which can be used for anything starting from measuring of weather to global conditions.

According to Peter Anderson, Scotland was always famous for making ships, and in the current scenario, they are extending their arms to build spaceships as well. Anderson is the Head of the business development in Clyde Space which is an expert in satellite making.

This is first company which launched the first ever satellite for Scotland in the year of 2014. Within a span of two, it became so efficient that it started producing six satellites in each month. This space exploration activity will get a further boost when the scheduled plans of establishing two new spaceports in Scotland will become a reality.

In spite of the fact that Britain will be excluded from bidding in any of the space contracts that the European Union floats because of the Brexit issue, their space exploration plans with the mindset of homegrown technology have accelerated. Britain has also been stopped from the bidding of the Euro 9 billion Galileo Global Positioning System.

However, UK has demanded full access to the project since it had played a pivotal role in the development of the project which is scheduled to be operational within the year of 2026. But ignoring such concern from the British Government, the European Union has decided to shift the satellite monitoring base from Britain to Spain for security concerns. 

In response to such a decision, the British Government has decided to create a task force consisting of engineers and aerospace experts. The UK Space Agency would head the task force. The primary aim of this task force would be to formulate plans for the British Global Navigation Satellite System which would guide on missiles and spacecraft building.

In Scotland, the growth of the space industry has been superb. It has accelerated almost 70 percent since its inception in 2010. The turnover of last year of this industry was about Euro 2.7 billion, as per the latest data released by the aerospace trade body ADS Scotland. This particular industry has employees to the extent of around 7500. 

Clyde Space has set up an office space along with US satellite firm Spire Global which has set up 80 satellites in Glasgow from its inception in the year of 2014.