Direct-to-home television seems good market for launch providers. AB Satellite and Eutelsat satellites launch is planned already for 2016. SpaceX will utilize Falcon-9 1.1V or 1.2V, planned launch site is SLC-40 in Cape Canaveral.

Boeing is still strong on commercial market. ABS-2A is second (from four contracted) built satellite for Asia Broadcast Satellite with fully electrical propulsion. It is modern broadcasting satellite equipped with 48 KU band transponders and powered by two deployable solar arrays. It is planned for orbital life at 15 years. During manufacturing, Boeing has utilized 702SP platform which is smaller, less power absorbing and improved with adding Xenon Ion Propulsion System (XIPS). Compared to standard propulsion, XIPS is ten times more efficient and needs only 5 kg of fuel per year. For customer it is significant advantage, less fuel means more cargo space. Boeing decided to adopt electric propulsion for 702 platform in 2012 and they are first Boeing satellites able to take position only with electric propulsion (it will take around six months due the low thrust generated by XIPS). Eutelsat 117W is another 702SP satellite made for Satmex (Eutelsat Americas). This pair (like previous launch af ABS series satellite and Eutelsat 115) launched conjoined will demonstrate Boeing advancement in the technologies which reduce costs. This launch will utilize SpaceX Falcon-9, probably in 1.1 or in 1.2 versions.