A new vision in the space arena is about to start, and such inception is expected to show its color from the beginning of 2020 itself. We have to find now out if the self-defense doctrine is capable of protecting against the threat before the attack is being made, and this phenomenon will prove to be the vital factor between establishing peace or dealing with a war-like situation.

On March 23, the President revealed the America First National Space Strategy which covered different aspects of space such as rules and regulations about commercial space, civil space as well as national security space. However, the new document has received mixed reactions from experts and space enthusiasts and one of the eminent journalists for space exploration, Marcia Smith, has viewed this document as nothing new.

She said that most of the national security provisions which are embedded in this document and which is the primary focus in this document were also given in the similar materials that were published during Obama’s Presidential rule. But the experts say that although the provisions are alike, still it is essential to implement these provisions keeping in mind the new space era that has developed.

However, there is much of a difference regarding self-defense doctrine. The new strategy implies that the US force needs to strengthen further along with its allied options. At the same time if the effect faces any conflict regarding space, then it will have sufficient resources to combat such attack. If the force can counteract the threats, it implies that the authority has the right to exercise self-defense when the danger is pertinent.

During the Obama administration, the National Security Space Strategy which was framed in the year of 2011 said that the United States would have the full power as well as the capability to respond in case of the self-defense in a situation of failure of deterrence. It is to be understood well that the self-defense doctrine is the same in fact of every previous strategy because the same has been mentioned in the Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

It is a known fact to us that the Article 51 and the following space strategies derived from it are very much vague as to whether to counter with self-defense before an attack. This ambiguity has become more prominent due to the new space era that has begun off lately. As such we need to change the age-old provisions to acquaint ourselves with the new space exploration process.