On May 24th, President Donald Trump had signed Space Policy Directive-2 i.e (SPD-2). This policy clearly instructs to secretary of transportation to start with a new regulatory regime which will look after launch and re-entry activities. From now only a single license will be required for all such commercial operations.

Along with this the documents also instructs to the commerce secretary to review all the present regulation on the commercial remote sensing industry. Time duration of 30 days has been allotted to design a plan of “one-stop shop” within Commerce Department for private spaceflight regulation.

This time president is committed to ensure that the federal government will get out of the way and free the private enterprise in order to support and contribute for the economic success of United States.

The news of SPD-2 is no surprise. The Trump administration has already kept it at priority and they are looking forward to review and streamline regulations in several other parts of economy as well be it banking, energy or any other industry.

Major players of the private spaceflight industry have been asking for these changes from decades. SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell placed this request forward again during the testimony at NSC meeting which was conducted in October last year.

“The council may commit to reform, review and streamline regulations which governs space launch”. This has been told by Shotwell to all the members of the council. Regulations private spaceflight industry has been written decades ago. Its updation was a strong need, in-order to keep pace with the latest and updated technologies.

And therefore it was really a popular move made by Trump on 24th May by signing SPD-2.

This is really a very big accomplishment by this administration. On behalf of entire commercial space industry Alan Stern, board chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, said.

Stern also added to his statement that we have been continuously innovating here at home and we were competing around the world under the heavy burden of these regulations which were written decades ago. “With SPD-2 now we can predict  that with a better and more streamlined legal regime we will be able to continue to help transform how Americans can access and use space.”

The name of the policy SPD-2 clearly tells that it is the Trump administrations second space policy. SPD-1 was signed by Trump in December. SPD-1 formally instructed NASA to work for the returning of astronauts to the moon.