While addressing the West Point football team which had gathered at the White House in the earlier part of this month, expressed his vision to create “space force” military branch. Such a department would be equipped enough to combat war fighting situations in space. Previously Trump had given the idea of space corps in March to the members of the military located in California.

However, the proposal had received lots of criticism from the Pentagon Military base although it won the congressman support. The establishment of such a force would mark the beginning of a new military base after the Air Force as established in the year of 1947. Trump said that since his nation was doing brilliantly in the space industry, he thought of introducing a new force, that will further ensure proper authentication of the nation’s contribution in the process of space exploration.

To this statement, one of the former military officers, Mr. Terry Virts said the military has, in fact, contributed a lot towards space programs over an extended period. So it will be further more accessible for them to be associated with such a branch. Terry Virts was a former commander of the International Space Station and also spent 30 years in US Force. He further added that every nation on the surface of the earth which has military base has some space component to it. He wants the space component to make the military base much stronger and at the same time more efficient.

Majority of the country’s military operations which takes place in space is being managed by the US Force Space Command, which is a part of the Air Force that has a headcount of nearly 36000 people spread around more than 130 sites in and around the world. One of the primary jobs of the space command is to control the GPS and weather communication satellite to perfection.

Space command also does the job of tracking what the other countries are doing concerning space exploration. There are a lot of activities that occur in space which lead to warfighting situations within the nations on the Earth. For many years the Pentagon has opposed this move. The main reason has been that if such a decision would come into force, then it would make the military process much more cumbersome and complicated.

Experts feel that space force would create more confusion for executing military operations and it should not be spread any further.