Trump has all the plans to take humans back to the moon. But he wants to adopt a procedure which would be different than that of the Apollo program way back in the year of 1960. Instead of going into a war like situation with the Soviet Union and making the lives of the ordinary people miserable, The Trump administration has decided to build a partnership with the private commercial players and thereby form a secure chain of space exploration and be the most prosperous nation in the space exploration segment.

A brand new space policy was signed by the Trump administration, whereby it was decided to shed away the old regulations about space exploration. The administration said that the new laws would be beneficial to the private companies for carrying out their business smoothly and efficiently. Such prosperity regarding space exploration by the private companies will allow the White House to intensify their return to the lunar surface.

In a recent press meet, one of the senior officials of the White House told the reporters that they are not going to bring another cold war situation and thereby waste a lot of money. Thus in spite of going into a warfighting situation, White House is now concentration to improve the economy so that more space exploration activities can be taken up by the Government. To boost up the economy, the administration needs to upgrade the age-old regulations, streamline the process, reduce too much of mundane work and create a win-win situation for both the commercial space companies and also for the Government as a whole.

Recently Trump has appreciated the initiative of some billionaires who are making much effort to make the space industry a lucrative industry. Elon Musk, for instance, is working hard to ensure human civilization on the Red Planet within a few years. The White House feels that the new policies framed would make it easier for these private to obtain a license in a much easier way than the earlier days. In support to this move, Eric Stallmer, who is the president of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation said that the industry had suffered a lot from the outdated policies which were framed long way and were not fitting within the current working techniques.

He further added that the United States could return to the moon only with the help of private companies and these policies are going to make such a path easier and smoother.