Political upheavals affect everyone, be it a housewife or an army person, but when NASA signaled its fear of being influenced undesirably, everybody’s nails were in between their teeth.

NASA is one of the world’s most influential agencies, and presumably, we consider that if there is anything they worry about is the success or failure of a mission. But another kind of worry got reflected as the climate science funding got clouded by the doubt of being withdrawn.

When Donald Trump became the President of America, there was confusion among the folks, and it persists. The image of earlier leaders was something else, and with Trump becoming the center of authority, there was fear and anxiety in NASA too.

Laura Tenenbaum, an ex-employee working with NASA for more than a decade, who used to communicate about Science on behalf of NASA was warned to not to use the terms like global warming on social media or other alarming climatic conditions. Trump called the matter of climate change sensitive but preventing the masses from knowing what is happening around them is their right. How could awareness be spread or measure to tackle the problem was supposed to be taken if the problem was not even known?

Laura left NASA this October and declared that NASA has stopped promoting or highlighting such information because of Trump and it is possible for him to withdraw the funds too since he doesn’t believe in climate change. This information has created a scenario of chaos and anxiety.

She added that the interviews are being vigorously trimmed and edited, information is being miscommunicated to create a positive image of scientific growth. One can identify the truth in her claim just by looking at the decrease in climatic reports after Trump’s administration took over.

In August 2016, there were 122 posts by NASA, 53 in January 2017 when Trump just took over. 21 posts in March and 31 in April reveal that interactions have decreased. During Obama’s administration, there were more than 1,00,000 interactions and discussions about Climate change which remained 7,000 in that of Trump’s. However, NASA has completely ruled out any such change in its policy. But since Trump called climate science ‘bullshit’ and a ‘hoax,’ and the White House has proposed to cut funding for NASA’s Earth science work, Laura’s statement is more likely to be true.

Contrary to that, NASA’s website still has all the previous information about climate change and current employees of NASA like Kate Marvel, and Jim Bridenstine openly accused human race of releasing too much carbon dioxide into the air and causing global warming.