Travelling to other worlds might not be the dream anymore. With the exoplanet travel bureau, anyone can have a nice holiday spent outside earth. NASA has recently launched the website which allows you to take a virtual tour of the planets. 

As of now, the website is offering the 360-degree view of six planets which you can see sitting at the home. There is TRAPPIST-1D which revolves around two stars. This planet is 40 light years away from the earth. It is a rocky planet. There is also Kepler-186f. This planet about the size of earth is about 500 light years away from earth. The surface of this planet has reddish hues. So, everything will be red on this planet. The planet orbits a small red star. It might or might not have an atmosphere. Currently, there are no photographs available of this planet. The imagined conditions and surfaces of the planet are available so that people can see what the planet surface might look like.

Apart from the visual effects, the website also makes available stylish and attractive posters of all the six worlds. For example, there is a poster for PSO J318.5-22. This planet is the most amazing as it does not revolve around a star. It floats freely on space. Therefore, the poster describes the planet as the one where nightlife never ends. 

The visual effect of the website allows people to experience the view as if they are looking it through their own eyes. On each planet, it allows people to stand and have a clear view of the landscape or the sky above it. The effects also allow seeing what will happen if the atmosphere is removed or added. The visualisation effects are such that it allows people to understand the view.

Most of the worlds in the exoplanet travel bureau were discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope of NASA. Ever since its launch in the year 2009, it has identified at least 2300 exoplanets with their confirmed existence. 

Opening the website, one can click the exploring gallery option. There comes the option of choosing between six planets. Once a planet is selected, one can choose to explore its surface. There are no real photos of the planets available. The visualisations available on the website are the artist’s creation.  So, now anyone who wishes to be a space tourist can virtually travel through this website.