NASA confirmed officially that tomorrow members of ISS crew will perform spacewalk.

Management of ISS decided that Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Tim Kopra will try to fix blocked rail platform with Canadarm2 robotic arm. Lasting 3 to 3.5 hours spacewalk will start at 13Ł10 GMT. It will be third spacewalk for Scott Kelly (EV1, white suit with red stripes) and second for Tim Kopra (EV2, plain white suit). NASA TV transmission will start at 11:30 GMT.

Tomorrow, astronauts Kelly and Kopra will start their EVA from Quest airlock and move to the rail with stacked platform. NASA suspects that handle of hand brake caused jamming or changed position and stopped platform before reaching latch. In case of solving the problem in short time, astronauts will try to work on International Docking Adapter (routing cables, preparing power distribution system relay boxes).