The US needs to remember the old proverb: teamwork makes the dream work if they want to achieve lead again in the space race.

Presently many great scientists around the world are working for colonizing Mars by utilizing earthy talents. This space race is now leaded by the private sector. In 1960’s space race case was not this it was not led by the private sector.

Recently Muilenburg said that “ He firmly believes that the first person to step feet on Mars will reach there by Boeing rocket. He added by saying that Boeing is working with NASA for building space launch system. Also, they have done with its initial construction.

US-based manufacturers are focusing on their missions. They should join forces and not continue with focusing on their mission. SpaceX and Boeing should think about it. For example, they should understand the outcomes of collecting their resources together and use them as a whole to jointly manufacture rocket as their aim is common to take the rocket to the Mars. Also, Boeing can think about another attractive way like becoming a stakeholder in SpaceX to support their mission jointly and support them in meeting their financial needs.

With Boeings good connections with US government and strong balance sheet, SpaceX could be benefited.

CEO of Explore Mars said: The first aerospace company to be the first one to help in stepping feet on the red panted will be a hybrid. There exists rivalry, there exists competition, but now also there is some place where joint efforts are required mandatorily as it cannot be done alone.

Boeing is linked and has excellent knowledge of architecture on which NASA is working. On the other hand, SpaceX has been working on the architecture of their own. SpaceX is among first private entity to send it spacecraft to the International Space Station. Along with this, it has more achievements like it is also the first one to land first stage orbital capable rocket. SpaceX had achieved all this in short period of 16 years.

Just imagine what all could become possible if SpaceX had access to the cash of Boeing and its engineering experience of 102 years. Both Boeing and SpaceX have government support. President Trump had said previously that he is looking forward to seeing traveling to Mars becoming a reality. 

Muilenburg said: The administration is eager to take further steps for returning to the moon and setting a lunar station. 

However, the government is not willing to give it all to any single company, and they are looking to find the combination of the suitable company. Carberry said.