Teleportation, time travel or alternate universe, the theories sound awe-inspiring and howsoever unbelievable it may appear, the child within us wants this to be a truth. Who wouldn’t wish to go back to a time when the loved one who is no more was having a lovely time with you? Human’s desires are many and so are their fantasies.

Scientists have been trying to identify truth behind several beliefs including life after death, aliens or time travel. If we think technically, we continuously time travel, though it is unidirectional and with certain restrictions. We are moving a bit further with every passing moment and are not allowed to go faster or slower.

According to science, we can go into future if we could move fast. Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity states that time is a variable dependent on how fast are you running. Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist at Ohio State University, has been researching on this topic and has mentioned that the speed of moving through space is inversely proportional to the passing of time. For instance, astronauts in a space shuttle are moving faster as compared to people running on the Earth. Astronaut Scott Kelly stayed back in space for a year, and upon his return, the aging of his twin brother Mark was markedly more than him. 

So if we could move faster and go to future, is it possible to move back to the past? 

Astrophysicist Sutter ruled out any such possibility concerning the rules of Physics understood by the human race till now. However, some of Einstein’s equations (theory of general relativity) show a ray of hope. But nothing can be said for sure since the situations which arise from these equations end up defying other rules of physics. 

Wormholes, breaking the cosmic speed, black holes, dark matter, etc. are elements that after in-depth analysis can prove to be an answer to all our questions. Mathematically, time travel is possible, all we need to do is to combine the laws of Physics with that of Math and draw practical solutions. Thinking this way, the proverb – Better said than done – appears to the most significant truth of the universe.  

Stephen Hawkings has himself mentioned that time travel was a possibility if a black hole was adequately studied. In 2010, he wrote “Around and around they’d go, experiencing just half the time of everyone far away from the black hole. The ship and its crew would be traveling through time.” However Physicist Amos Iron at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, disapproves of the prospect of such an event.