If you have thought that do space stations meet a crash, it’s time to know about the same through the latest happenings. A Chinese space station which is almost the size of a bus has been reported to be in its decaying orbit. The recent reports about the space station say that this Chinese station is continuously falling in the sky and getting to the low altitudes every moment. This Chinese space station is called Tiangong-1 which means Celestial Palace. According to the latest estimation provided by ESA, the Chinese space station will keep falling into the atmosphere until it comes to a point where it was torn apart and gets burnt. 

The sources say that Tiangong-1 is expected to get crashed during sometime between 31st March and 1st April. The current positions of this station were noted as between one hundred and seventy-eight and one hundred and eighty-nine km in altitude during its orbit. In the last twenty-four hours, the station has come down to 7 kilometers. It is also being said that this Chinese station will get crashed entirely when it would have covered a falling distance of 70 km. At that point, it will get be ripped apart absolutely. 

According to the relevant resources, there are few chances that when this Chinese Station get ripped off, some of its parts and elements get through the atmosphere and affect the ground of our planet. But there are least chances that anybody would get injured, added the sources further. It has been said that if someone is standing at the right place or spot when the incident takes place, he or she would be able to see the blazing parts of the spacecraft into the atmosphere. However, it is a notable fact that the burning parts of the spacecraft will not look like so and will appear as if there are some meteors in the space. 

The falling space station is under constant watch and observation by the various space agencies and astronomers. However, at the same time, it can not be predicted that where this station will exactly fall.  It is so because there are lots of factors involved in the incident which will be directly affecting the descent of the falling Chinese space station. Also, as per ESA, the falling station will get a high change in falling speed which will get significantly increased due to the dragging power of the atmosphere.