China has made history this week. Onespace Technologies launched the first ever private space rocket of China. The goal of this flight is simple, and that is to encourage more and more private space firms to work separately and independently. According to the reports of CNN, The space rocket OS-X was launched from a launch pad in China’s Northwestern region on Thursday. 

The 230 foot and 200 Pounds capacity rocket took 170 miles from the launch pad to reach the altitude of 25 miles. Onespace had a budget of $78, and it took the OS-X about a year to be developed. Many experts such as Xin Zhang an aerospace engineering professor from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology believes that owing to the purpose of saving money they might not have concentrated on the originality of the design. 

As per reports Onespace too had the agenda of cutting cost and reusing rockets. But as per Verge, this 200 Pound capacity rocket loses the race in its carrying prowess. Also, the other components used for the rocket such as rocket fuel cannot be reused. The edging competition with Onespace and SpaceX are turning heads as the latter empowers its agenda by reusing rockets and cutting cost.  But the goal of becoming world’s largest small-satellite launch company will need significant cost-cutting but by keeping the quality in mind. Many believe it’s a great step on the part of Onespace by launching this rocket, but there is a long way to cover and have to counter various small to large competitors to reach its coveted goal. 

How far will this launch be effective in the market of small satellite companies is a question. But there are various considerations to be kept in mind. Whether the Onespace is competent enough to counter big, small satellite companies such as Virgin, Orbital ATK or the Rocket Lab? Who are equally present in this competition! Whether western countries including the USA will catch a ride in these private companies to launch their satellites? Questions are many. 

But Onespace’s CEO Shu Chang feels that whatever be the contention, when talking about competition with other contemporaries launching a rocket is a milestone and no argument can counter that. He feels it’s a special and an important achievement on the part of the company as well as the Government, media and many more.