The next three months – June, July, and August – will be incredible for those who love Mars as well as sky matters. Come early June; you will be in a position to see the Red Planet. One will spot it during the evenings at the east-southeast direction. Therefore, if you are an enthusiast of the same, get prepared for this particular adventure, Make sure that you do not miss it. The reason is that the planet hasn’t been this close for a while now. To be specific, for the last 15 years this is the closest that the planet has been. Do you want the details regarding the matter? If it is a yes, continue reading.

Earlier, I mentioned the period, time as well as the direction. What will you be looking for when the moment comes? There will be a star. It will be noticeable given the fact that its color will be bright orange. In addition to that, its light will be steady. It may look like a star, saying that it is one of them would be a lie. Why not when it is a planet? That will be the famous Red Planet, Mars.

This time around, it will be different. Since time in memorial, has never been that bright and only early risers get to see it. However, as time goes by, the two planets, Earth and Mars, keep coming closer. Come this summer; the view will be better than ever before. Since 2003, Mars has never been as close as it will be in July this year. 27th July will be a special occasion no doubt. The moon will be in the state by the name in opposition to the sun. It is the situation whereby, an orbiting object is on the opposite side of the sun from the view from the earth.

51 days later, it will pass through perihelion. What is perihelion? It is the point at which the moon will be closest to the sun relative to the orbit. On 30th July, the distance between Mars and Earth will be about 37 million miles. At the same time, the diameter of the red planet will be 24.3 arc seconds. Do you know how large it can get? The maximum measure of the diameter can be 25.1 arc seconds. Do you see how close it will be to its maximum? It is indeed a wait and sees the show. Make sure to be on the lookout.