The Pacific Summit for the year 2018 was recently held in Nauru, Australia.  The summit of this year was very interesting and the most contentious among all the years. This meet is like a legacy which is conducted for 49 years and it has a great history but the Pacific Summit of this year has created a history itself. 

The main focus of this summit is the discussion regarding the climate change in which many countries take part. The countries include Asian superpower countries like China and Russia along with small countries from different continents.  

As already mentioned the delegates from the superpower country China was present and this country and their people are well known for their arrogant behaviors and same has seen in the 50th The Pacific Summit held at Nauru. The reason for their arrogance and attitude is the development in their country as compared to the other countries. 

The problems of the climate change are majorly faced by the small countries with fewer amenities or the island countries and their viewpoint is the must in these discussions. The countries like China are here basically for the helping due to their good economic growth. These big countries often make promises to help the people of the developing and under-developed countries. In the summit, the usual discussions about climate change have been overshadowed by the host’s row with China and its treatment of asylum-seekers held on the island under a deal with Australia.  After seeing that the Chinese delegates are not focused on the main rather they are drifting away, the Nauru delegates went for the spat with them. Nauru is a small island with a population of 11,000 and an area of just 21 square kilometers (eight square miles). The day ended with it. 

Later, on the next day, the fight or arrogation raised, even more, when Waqa refused the head of China’s delegation Du Qiwen to speak until island leaders had finished as soon as he was going to address the meeting. This was like a volcano eruption. The Chinese delegate Du left the stage but striding around the room to emphasize his displeasure before leaving. It was like an insult for the Pacific, the forum island leaders and other ministers who came to join the summit. The minister Waqa knew that they were the biggest helping hand for small Island countries still he angered them and said “They’re not our friends. They just need us for their own purposes” and now wants that China should apologize for his crazy behavior at the summit.