When our scientists and researchers started making discoveries about the deep and infinite space, nobody ever imagined that someday we would be talking about a space fence! Yes! You read it right! It’s about a space fence only! 

The new space fence is, in fact, a radar system which has been created with the primary objective of watching and analyzing action that takes place in the orbit of our planet – Earth. The new radar system or the space fence is expected to track the space junk that is increasing gradually in the space. It is a fact that the continually growing waste in space is making it difficult for small satellites to survive. In such a scenario, the availability of a space fence comes as a bright hope as it will help track the junk and will increase chances of small satellites to flourish suitably. The new radar system or space fence is also expected to counteract orbital space weapons. 

The Air Force has planned a schedule which is going to be initiated later this year only. Under this schedule, the Air Force is planning to take charge of active phased assorted display radar which is going to be entirely electronically driven. The detector will be placed on the far-flung Kwajalein atoll located in the Pacific. 

The manufacturer of the new space fence (the new radar system) Lockheed Martin stated that the setting up of the new radar would help in providing appropriate answers that help resolve different problems.  These problems are related to the areas of militarization in orbit, military and public spaceflight, propagation of space waste, and the continually contracting size of numerous satellites.

It is being said and expected that the setting up of such a radar system will be conducive and useful. The space fence will accurately identify any object that comes in the orbit path and then will plan its projected orbit. The space fence will also provide a prediction for any possible future crash. It, in turn, will help take necessary measures in time. Apart from accomplishing these vital jobs, the space fence will also be able to sense any changes in the daily operations and will also give an alert on the same. Most importantly, this space fence will not be blocking anything. It will instead be using radar energy to detect spacecraft or waste in space.